The stepless universal heating regulation:

Simply adjust at the turnable knob the temperature for your heated grips and that´s all! This stepless temperature Adjust Modul is suitable for use with your heating mats, grasps, seat heating or other electrical 12V or lower voltage heating systems like foot heaters inside shoes (with 3 Volts for example). The use with higher voltages up to 24 Volts is possible, but special regulator modules have to be made. This is only upon request.

The "GHZ" Module, (subject to change for technical improvements without notice). Sizes: W22xL42xH21)
As ready assembled kit for self installation starting from 26. - Euro!

The regulation takes place steplessly. Instead of motorbike or snowmobile heating grasps or heating mats also car seat heating, or foot heaters in small ultralight planes, seat heating mats (like at Conrad electronics for approx. 20 euro) or other 12V of heater elements like heated gloves and shoes can be regulated. (approx. 60 Watts, 120 or 180Watts of current strength are aivailable).
And: A car seat heating for approx. 20 euro connected to the regulation module and weared as a jacket, over the belly wound with a suspender is a cheap selfmade heatable jacket for little money!! More exact guidance see below.

If someone needs a module with some more current drive: (10 or 15 ampere of switching resistance load), is also no problem. Simply tell me. More exact guidance see below. Also it is possible to limit max. switch-on time on e.g. 70%. That is necessary with some heaters, because they are limited not to remain switched on all the time.

Left: The 10A module (size: W 30xL38xH30), on the right of the 15A version (W38xL65xH24).
To both cooling sinks drillings can be added for an individual attachment at the vehicle.
(See Installation Manual)

All these parts belong to one "GHZ-Kit" This is what you get:


From left lower corner, in clockwise direction:

  1. The module with the wrapped potentiometer. (Left Klick=Heating OFF)
  2. A small note with the pin allocation for the hasty ones. (A detailed guidance for the installation is also with your order answer mail as pdf file).
  3. The knop for the potentiometer, with the black cover cap.
  4. A cable strap for the attachment of the module or cables.
  5. The small white square is glued to to the module, then it has a “eye” to for beeing hooked to the cable strap.
  6. The four KFZ flat pin 4,75mm connectors. For the connection of the two cables of the heating grasps or mat and as well it serves minus and plus to the module.

Guidance for making a selfmade heating jacket.

At several hardware markets you can find thos cheap seat heating mats for cars for approx. 20 Euro.Small modified, with an old suspender a seat heating can be weared also as heat-jacket under the motorcycle jacket. Thus motorcycle or Snowmobil journeys also in winter change into a pleasant ride! With that universal-heating module you can adjust your desired heating temperature (and thereby still save the battery, because the heating module only pulses the heating mat).

Here is the "How to order":

Here is the Link to the pdf Installation Manual in English.

Updated: 18.04.2018